Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfect Review

Hi everyone! Look what I got my hands on!

Garnier is one of my favorite skin care brands. So I really wanted to try this BB cream. But since this is their first BB cream and it's made for women who have little to no experience with BB creams, my expectations were not high.

This review is not going to be long. All I'm going to say is, this is an affordable product with very light coverage. If you have never used BB cream before and if you don't suffer from skin blemishes and enlarged pores, you might be satisfied with this product.

If you've used BB creams before, have blemishes and enlarged pores that you need to cover, this product is not going to satisfy you.

I've used 4-5 different BB creams until now. I think they were all from South Korea. They all covered blemishes and pores well. I was not disappointed except with one (Missha because it broke me out). So when I tried this BB cream and saw that it didn't cover anything, I knew it wasn't going to work out.

Even if you don't have problem skin and want to find out what BB creams are about, try one from Asia. Because this product might put you off of BB creams altogether which would be a shame because BB creams are really great products.

You can get South Korean and Japanese BB creams on Ebay and other online shops selling Asian cosmetics.

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OPI Addict said...

I loved using this in the summer as a tinted moisturizer. But I agree, it's not a miracle product!