First Annual "Worst Packaged Product" Award!

...and the award goes to....


Sorry sweetie... it's true!

This is the worst packaging I have seen with a product this year!

The foundation is in a small glass bottle!

This wouldn't be so much of a problem if... the foundation had a more liquid consistency. But this is a very thick foundation which means that when you tip it over to get foundation out, the product doesn't move at all!!

Which genius thought of this one?!

The product itself is not bad. It's a decent foundation, covers well, it's lightweight, doesn't clog pores, has enough of a selection to match various skin tones. It's also very affordable.

But the packaging just kills it. The only way I have been able to use this product is by keeping the bottle sideways all the time so that the product will stay near the end of the bottle. And I have to stick a finger in the bottle to get some foundation out. (There goes product hygiene). I have been managing because I have tiny fingers. Anyone with slightly bigger fingers wouldn't be able to do this either.

If you keep the bottle standing upright, you will never get any foundation.

Covergirl, you totally deserved this award for this product.



Rafia said...

Lol haah,..I am a lil confused by the first comment i.e. by Marisha,..was this comment meant for this Post.?..Strange coz I didn't find this as a Good review..infact it was a bad review of the product,but she is praising & Finally she is praising your Hair.." Seriously" am I blind..coz I don't see your hair anywhere in this Post Lae Beauty ...funny..

Lale Beauty said...

@Rafia-- Yea, these people get paid to promote a product/site on blogs, so they will write nonsense like this.